Hey there, plant lover!

🌿 Do you dream of living more in tune with nature?

🌿 Do you dream of developing a deeper connection with plants?

🌿 Do you dream of bringing more creativity into your life?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then I think you'll adore natural dyeing!

I'm Rebecca Desnos, a UK-based natural dyer and independent publisher.

You've probably heard about my best seller book Botanical Colour at your Fingertips. For the first time ever, I've brought the book to life in the form of video classes!

Come along to my virtual studio and let's do some dyeing together!
Did you know that there's colour potential all around you waiting to be unlocked?

Enter the world of botanical dyeing, where a stroll through your garden or the local woods takes on a brand new meaning. You’ll begin to notice new plants and develop a deeper relationship with your surroundings.

You'll soon discover your local wild plants (which some people cheekily call weeds!), as well as garden herbs and kitchen food waste... there's dye potential all around you.

Natural dye eBooks...